Zesty is a New Kind of Cleaning Service

Hi, I’m Andreia. I own and run Zesty with the help of some great people. I LOVE a sparkling clean home and am passionate about the fact that having a clean, ordered home or office makes people happier and reduces stress. I’m also passionate about creating opportunities for people. Zesty combines two things I really care about.

Zesty is a modern, technology-enabled cleaning service with old-fashioned values.

When I set out to create Zesty I had a few guiding principles: I wanted to offer a reliable, modern cleaning service to time-poor Londoners, I wanted to provide opportunities and a good work environment for cleaners and I wanted fair pricing.

A Modern Service for Busy Londoners

Zesty is a modern service for modern people with busy lives and precious little spare time. We are also a people business. We have friendly, reliable cleaners and work with nice customers because we don’t just provide cleanliness we offer happiness and satisfaction.

Opportunities and a Good Work Environment

Good cleaners work hard and do hard work. It is physical and tiring. This is why customers choose to pay someone else to do it! Zesty cleaners take pride in their work and get satisfaction from leaving a home or office sparkling clean. Zesty is committed to creating opportunities for as many good cleaners in London as possible. We look for proactive self-starters who are independent and reliable.

Our cleaners are self-employed, which gives them the flexibility to work the hours and in the locations that suit them. But just because our cleaners aren’t employees doesn’t mean we don’t care about creating a positive and respectful work environment. As we vet our cleaners for experience, skills and reliability we also are careful about the clients we work with so that our cleaners are treated with respect and dignity.

We don’t ask cleaners to lug vacuum cleaners and equipment across London on public transport. We don’t expect or coerce them to travel long distances to jobs. When clients give unfavourable feedback, which is rare, we work with our cleaners to understand why they got the poor feedback and how we can improve performance. As in any other profession a good work environment enables good work.

Fair Pricing

We recognise that we operate in a very competitive market place and that there is a lot of pressure to keep cleaning prices low – in many instances too low for cleaners to earn a decent living. At Zesty we try to strike a balance between offering an affordable service for clients so they feel they are getting value for money, and a fair rate for cleaners so that they can get by in an expensive city like London. Of course we want them to do more than get by, we want them to thrive.

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Our firm belief is that happy, fairly compensated cleaners do a better job. Our objective is for you to come back at the end of the day to a sparkling clean home that makes you smile.

The areas we cover:

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Zesty supports KIDS

KIDS is a leading disabled children’s charity that has been in existence for over 40 years working to enable disabled children and young people and their families to enjoy their lives. We think they do great work and support them whenever we can. If you’d like to donate to KIDS please click the donate button below. Thanks!



About KIDS

KIDS works with children and young people from birth to the age of 25 who are disabled; that is they have a physical, sensory or mental impairment (including mental health issues) which in interaction with social, attitudinal and environmental constraints creates barriers which hinder their full and equal participation in society. Their work is also with the individuals who are affected by this situation (such as families and young carers).

KIDS Vision:

“A world in which all disabled children and young people realise their aspirations and their right to an inclusive community which supports them and their families”