• Save on the washing up by changing your cooking habits

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  • A Lifestyle Revolution: Cleaning and Outsourcing our lives, with pleasure and leisure.

    quiet st james park

    As Londoners we lead busy lives. We have long workdays, home DIY projects, kids to raise, we are active in our communities, we have many social and work engagements and much more to fill up our days. When you subtract the time we spend at work and sleeping, two pretty important activities, most of us […]

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  • Why does my house cleaner fluff the pillows but always miss the spider webs?

    Islington property

    Does your house cleaner do a great job on some things and then completely miss others? We assume that cleaning is common sense, which in many ways it is, but what is a top priority for one person may not be the top priority for another. Our homes are uniquely ours and what we want […]

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  • Six cooking methods to save washing up

    Sharing a home-cooked meal with friends or family is one of life`s basic pleasures. And after sweating over the stove and enjoying the food with your guests, it should be time to relax. But this moment can be ruined by the thought of the mountain of washing up waiting for you in the kitchen. Here […]

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  • Have you ever thought of using your food to clean?

    Not only does food taste nice, have nutritional benefits for your hair, skin, nails and overall health, some types of food are also great for cleaning. Believe it or not, natural forms of cleaning may be more efficient than using chemicals like bleach. For those who like to go the extra mile, here are a […]

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  • Decluttering your office

    These days many of us spend so much time at work our offices can become second homes. Our desks and surrounding area serve as work space, eating space, spare jacket closet and shoe storage. In recent clean outs, Zesty has found items ranging from pillows shoved in caddy drawers to a baby carrier under a […]

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  • Is it time to hire a cleaner?

    Work, family, time for yourself. Struggling to fit it all in? Maybe it’s time to lighten the load. Zesty conducted a survey to understand how having a clean home made people feel – in a word Happy! And even happier if someone else does it for you. Here’s word cloud summary of the responses: 1. What’s the best […]

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  • Cleaning up after Halloween

    Hi guys. We hope you all have enjoyed the fireworks this week. As Halloween is now behind us, we realise that we may have outdone ourselves with the extravagant decorations, all that candy, the failed Halloween food experiments, or little kids from the neighbourhood have designed the front porches with eggs and maybe toilet rolls […]

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  • Sit in Style

    Statement furniture can make a huge impact in your home and convey to visitors your personality and sense of style. The following are Zesty’s favourites from Milan Furniture Fair over recent years. Which ones would you want in your home? The Slow Chair  Designed by French brothers Rowan and Erwan Bouroullec in 2006 it became an […]

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  • Managing Pets in a Tidy Home

    Those of us who have pets know that our loveable friends are a major cause of mess in the home. You have to go the extra mile if you want to have a really tidy home whilst keeping pets in the house. It is almost impossible to keep your pets outside or restrict them to […]

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