Do It the Zesty Way

Welcome to our blog. As a first series we’d like to share a few cleaning tips with our readers. Please let us know if you try any of these, we would like to showcase your success stories and also if you have any of your own tips please feel free to share them with us. Enjoy!

1. The secret to making surfaces look sparkling clean that professional cleaners know is to buff everything with a dry cloth after cleaning. Taps, mirrors, porcelain, any shiny surfaces need a good buff after you clean to wipe off streaks and water marks. It makes a huge difference between a home that looks clean and a home that sparkles and dazzles.



2. Don’t forget the shower glass. An often overlooked surface is the glass shower wall or door. Shampoo and soap scum accumulate over time and they can become very hard to clean. Many people put it in the ‘too hard box’ and just leave it. The problem is – scummy glass makes the whole bathroom feel dirty. For a brilliant bathroom make sure your shower doors sparkle. It’s easy. Once a week – twice if you are very motivated – just wipe it down with Windowlene or other glass cleaners. Normally there’s no need to scrub. The shampoo and soap scum comes off easily and you’re left with a nice glisten.



3. It is so easy to forget to dust blinds especially when they are made of really dark wood. If you have blinds in your house it’s best not allow dust to accumulate on them because once it builds up it can get stuck on and become very hard to get off. You’ll be happier in the long run if you or your cleaner regularly incorporate dusting the blinds into your weekly or fortnightly cleaning routine.

Blinds are made of different materials, which will determine how they should be dusted. Metal and wood blinds should be wiped with a lightly water-damp soft cloth or a multipurpose cleaner. However, for the wood you’ll have to buff dry right after to avoid water damage. For fabric blinds, dust with a dry microfiber cloth.