Frequently Asked Questions


What cleaning services do you provide?

We provide all the general house cleaning services you would expect, as well as ironing. We only provide cleaning inside your home, not externally.
 If you have special requests or questions just give us a call on 020 7688 0397.


Is ironing an additional cost?

No, ironing is the same flat rate of £11 per hour. When you are considering how much time you need for your Zesty clean we suggest an additional 30 minutes to one hour be added for ironing services. If you don’t have ironing on a particular week just leave a note and ask your cleaner to do another special task like cleaning and neatening drawers, cleaning cupboards or extra scrubbing wherever needed.


What is the minimum cleaning time. Does it have to be every week?

Weekly cleans are for a minimum of 2 hours. If you prefer having your cleaner come every 2 weeks the minimum is 3 hours. We recommend weekly cleans to avoid dirt and dust accumulation, and to keep your home feeling fresh.


Is there a minimum contract time?

There is no minimum contract time.


What happens if I need to cancel my service?

If you need to cancel just call our customer service number 077 6589 7900.


Are your cleaners insured?

Yes, our cleaners are insured for public liability and personal injury while working in your home.


What criteria do you use to vet cleaners?

We recruit cleaners who clean well to a professional standard, which we assess during our rigorous interview process. They must speak, read and write English so that they can communicate effectively with you, for example, if you want to leave a note with the day’s cleaning tasks or if they need to leave you a shopping list of required products. We check references to understand their past performance and ensure that they have the right to work in the UK.

Finally, we look for that unique quality that makes Zesty cleaners special – nice people who take pride in their work and get personal satisfaction out of providing a valuable service to our customers.


What are your hours of service?

Our normal hours of service are 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday. If you require cleaning in the evening or on the weekend just ask, we will do our best to find a cleaner who can accommodate you.


Can I choose my Zesty clean day?

Yes, just let us know your preference. We will do our best to allocate you a cleaner on your preferred day. If we can’t in first instance we will as soon as possible afterwards.


Can I have the same cleaner each week?

Absolutely that is the essence of what Zesty is about. We want to give you the personal care and attention that comes with having the same cleaner come each week, who gets to know your home and your cleaning needs.


What if the cleaner you assign to me doesn’t work out?

We hope that you and your new cleaner hit it off, but if you don’t just let us know by calling our customer service number 077 6589 7900. We will assign a new cleaner as quickly as possible and arrange an initial meeting.


What happens during holiday times when I am away or my cleaner is away?

Just let your cleaner know a couple of weeks in advance if you are going away and you wish to suspend your service. This will enable us to reschedule the cleaner’s time while you are gone.

If you want to continue your service while you are away then let your cleaner know you are going and advise of any specific work you’d like to have done – this could be a good time to have your cleaner clear out and wipe down the fridge or clean the insides of the kitchen cupboards.

Cleaners are asked to let their clients know about their holidays as far in advance as possible but ideally no later than 2 weeks beforehand. We will arrange temporary cover while your cleaner is away and your service will continue as normal.


What about last minute cancellations due to illness?

If your cleaner is sick they will call you to reschedule a suitable time to make up for the missed visit.

If you are sick and prefer your cleaner not to come that day, just call your cleaner directly to reschedule.

If in either scenario you cannot find a mutually agreeable alternative time then you can agree with your cleaner a suitable way to use the missed hours, for example, either as a one off clean or by tacking on additional time to a regularly scheduled clean.


Can I choose the products and cleaning equipment used?

Absolutely. Zesty uses your preferred products and your equipment as provided by you.