Our Hourly Rates

Our flat rate is £11 per hour, this includes ironing and all aspects of cleaning that we undertake. Our cleaners work hard so we want to make sure that most of the fee goes to them. Zesty cleaners get £8 per hour, £3 per hour goes to cover insurance, VAT and admin fees.

There are no hidden fees or other costs. You tell us how many hours you would like or we can help you assess how many you need based on your requirements.

If you need less than our minimum cleaning time you can share a cleaner with a nearby neighbour. This service is ideal for people who live in flats who want to share with others in their building. You can have just ironing, just vacuuming or maybe you only want the kitchen or bathroom cleaned – it’s up to you.

The minimum per flat is 1 hour with a 2 hour total minimum each week or 3 hour total minimum fortnightly.

    • Weekly Clean – £11

      Regular weekly cleans are £11 per hour inclusive rate for a minimum of 2 hours. We recommend weekly cleans to avoid dirt and dust accumulation, and to keep your home feeling fresh.

    • Fortnightly Clean – £11

      If you prefer having your cleaner come every 2 weeks the flat rate is the same and the minimum is 3 hours.

    • One-Off Clean – £20

      One-off cleans, like end of tenancy and after builders, are £20 per hour inclusive rate for a minimum of 3 hours. We charge more for one-off cleans because they are more work. Ask about our special 3-clean rate deal.

    • Ironing – £11

      Ironing is the same flat rate of £11 per hour. When you are considering how much time you need for your Zesty clean we suggest an additional 30 minutes to one hour be added for ironing services. If you don’t have ironing on a particular week just leave a note and ask your cleaner to do another special task like cleaning and neatening drawers, cleaning cupboards or extra scrubbing wherever needed.

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